WDS wdesmet at yucom.be
Wed May 9 20:40:41 UTC 2001

> * What about your average idiot, who thinks Windows is complicated? I am
> sorry to say it, but we've been working on it for several years and we
> STILL don't have a version of GNU/Linux that installs and /does stuff/
> painlessly. Is that an FSF(E) problem? Do we care about Software For Your
> Average Idiot? or do we tell them to go hang?... or do we grit our teeth,
> take a copy of The Inmates Are Running The Asylum, and work out what they
> /do/ need?
Wow, you'll really get these people to switch to free software by calling
the "average idiot".
Try being constructive for a change like the core team is doing.



BTW: Some politicians may be stupid, but must are just blind to our
movement, that's
why we need fsfe.

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