sorry, no t-shirts [FSFE CORE MEMBERS READ THIS!]

E L Tonkin py7elt at
Wed May 9 20:36:36 UTC 2001

Anja wrote:
> Of course I am pleased you and so many others like my little drawing,
> but unfortunately, I have to say "no" to using my drafts on t-shirts. 

Fair enough, I quite understand that, although I'm sorry for it :(

> instead). However, I certainly have a problem with how this whole
> issue has been handled. Take what you can get for free, use it as long
> as pleases you, even ask the author to do several more versions -- and
> 5 months later claim it sucks? Great. :-(

I didn't realise there was quite so much wooly-mindedness in this
'organisation' (I use the word advisedly...)

> I had offered earlier to redo one of the drafts as high-quality vector
> graphics. However, I do not want to work for the garbage bin once
> more. I will only redo it as vector graphics if all FSFE core members
> agree to it, and especially those who vetoed against it as a logo
> agree that it is truly _desired_ to have it as t-shirt art. 

Right. FSFE Core Members, would you please ALL respond to this, ASAP, one
way or another? Thank you.

If people reach a consensus and then inform me (assuming they don't wish
to have it done themselves)? I strongly suggest that if people appreciate
Anja's design, they mention it _now_. And apologise to Anja, from the way
this looks. This is unimpressive, particularly for a group that resists
democratisation because 'it means nothing gets done'.

> I am very sorry to spoil the t-shirt project for the moment,
> especially since I think that having t-shirts for the LinuxTag in July
> would be nice. I hope you understand me that I do not want to make a
> fool out of myself once more.

It appears to me that somehow you people have managed to get yourselves
into what my dear mother would call 'a right knickers' twist' about this
logo thing. However you look at it, this issue is standing in the way.

Georg: If you're going to call yourself president of anything, it's best
to justify it by making occasional decisions. We have been snarled up on
this logo rubbish for several months now!

Forgive my bossiness, particularly since I'm not a 'core member' of
anything, and therefore have no right to do or say anything about this.


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On Wed, 9 May 2001, Anja Gerwinski wrote:

> Hello, E.L. and all,
> E L Tonkin wrote on May 09, 2001 at 06:33PM +0100:
> > However, I will volunteer to
> > get the T-shirt thing fixed if people want this. 

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