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Wed May 9 20:07:56 UTC 2001

Hello, E.L. and all,

E L Tonkin wrote on May 09, 2001 at 06:33PM +0100:
> However, I will volunteer to
> get the T-shirt thing fixed if people want this. 

Of course I am pleased you and so many others like my little drawing,
but unfortunately, I have to say "no" to using my drafts on t-shirts. 

The drafts are pixel graphics only and will look poor when printed. 
I do not want my name to be associated with poor-quality printing on
t-shirts. I was already blamed for poor-quality printing of this draft
on business cards and flyers.

João Miguel Neves wrote on May 09, 2001 at 08:48AM +0100:
> On 09 May 2001 00:45:11 +0200, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> > Up to now a couple of logos have been ruled out so far by members of the
> > core team who feel strongly about not choosing such a logo:
> >
> I think you've just made a political error: you've ruled out this logos
> without any justification (at least in the view of anybody that didn't
> went to the meeting). Could you please correct that ?

It has not been discussed in the meeting, at least not while I was
there (and I was in reach most of the time as one of the hosts).
Nobody adressed me about the logo and told me he vetoed against it.
President Georg, vice president Loic and French chancellor Frederic
even distributed business cards with one of my "Europa and gnu" drafts
(poorly printed) on it. It has already been used in presentations
( and flyers.
The first time I officially heard it has been vetoed against was
yesterday on this list. 

I do not have a problem with my drafts being turned down in favor of
someone elses (even though I do not like the boring stuff at that seems to have been chosen
instead). However, I certainly have a problem with how this whole
issue has been handled. Take what you can get for free, use it as long
as pleases you, even ask the author to do several more versions -- and
5 months later claim it sucks? Great. :-(

I had offered earlier to redo one of the drafts as high-quality vector
graphics. However, I do not want to work for the garbage bin once
more. I will only redo it as vector graphics if all FSFE core members
agree to it, and especially those who vetoed against it as a logo
agree that it is truly _desired_ to have it as t-shirt art. I do not
want my work to be regarded as "Notstopfen" (stop-gap). I am willing
to help the FSFE where help is required and appreciated, but I have
better things to do than spending another couple of hours of unpaid
labor on a t-shirt design which may be discarded, too.

I am very sorry to spoil the t-shirt project for the moment,
especially since I think that having t-shirts for the LinuxTag in July
would be nice. I hope you understand me that I do not want to make a
fool out of myself once more.

Best wishes,


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