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Frank Heckenbach frank at g-n-u.de
Wed May 9 16:00:07 UTC 2001

josX wrote:

> Make no mistake: agreeing with me would mean completely
> restructering the FSFE (to the point of desolving and starting
> new with a different outlook (and everything different frankly)),
> and distancing the FSFE from everything that has to do with money.
> Making it completely flat, no hierarchy whatsoever, even to the
> point it will be impossible to have an hierarchy (however inofficial).

Impossible to even have an inofficial hierarchy?!?

> Sorry to have been rude. Normally I am not, but we are talking about
> things that people have given away in good heart, and now you come along
> and say it is perfectly alright to make money from it... just because no-one
> forbid it.

I suppose these people have actually read the GPL (or BSD license or
whatever) before releasing their stuff under it, haven't they? If
they didn't like the fact that it allows others to make money from
it, they could (should) have chosen another license, rather than
complaining later that others do exactly what they were allowed to.

You once wrote: "I just happen to get to the same conclusions [as
RMS] every time I do.", but in these two important points you seem
to differ quite much from him. RMS does represent the hierarchical
FSF, and he does support distributing free software for money (as
expressed in the GPL and, e.g., in


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