Frederico Muñoz fsmunoz at sdf.lonestar.org
Wed May 9 15:27:38 UTC 2001

E L Tonkin wrote:

> Okay, who's done t-shirt printing on a large scale before? 
> The prices I see for it are:
> Adult standard weight tshirts: 
> For less than 12: 6.50UKP (65FF, about 20DM, about 10 Euros)
> For over 500 copies: 3.00 (30FF, about 9DM, about 5 Euros 
> Nice heavyweight ones, add about 1UKP (10FF, 3DM, 1.5ish Euros) to the
> cost. Long sleeved, about the same. Sweatshirts, poloshirts, hooded tops,
> etc, also possible, as are baseball caps (6UKP per cap for under 12
> copies, under 3UKP for over 300...)
> (These prices are from www.carillion.uk.com)...
> Possibly not the cheapest, and one wold have to add a bit for postage
> within Europe. But you get the idea. Oh, and you have to pay initial setup
> charges. 
> So to set up this theoretical tshirt printing, ladies and gentlemen, a few
> things are required:
> 1) to get as many requests as possible since it gets cheap fast
> 2) to sort out payment (somehow)
> 3) to find initial capital to the tune of...
> 40 UKP setup + several hundred pounds capital in order to pay for the
> printing + maybe 30 UKP for delivery. Any ideas where to get that?
> We could have these printed for LinuxTag: I'm sure they'd sell

Ok, I can make 3 request for now; I can also advance them in cash, and 
also advance some of the initial money
required (ummm..... about 100 Euros).

Only request: don't make them all XL, you see, an English or German XL 
is kinda like a full gown to me :)
I'm medium height (1.77 m), but every L/XL I see from the 
barbari^H^H^H^H^H  central europe and above is
a way to L; also, some ppl like their T-Shirts to be the right size 
(read: not the usual loose and long style). Even an
L is long enough for many ppl, so I would like an M (or even an S if the 
M's are nibelungen-sized also).

Having said that :), count me in. Just need a way to transfer the money, 
both the payement and the initial advance.



Frederico Munoz
fsmunoz at sdf.lonestar.org

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