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Frederico Muñoz fsmunoz at sdf.lonestar.org
Wed May 9 14:31:11 UTC 2001

Hilaire Fernandes wrote:

> Your remark just made me think about that:
> As far as free software are concerned, we all know the legitimity 
> and leadership of people in the community come from the achievment done 
> in developping free software.
> Hilaire

(Sorry for sending again, my previous copy went to the recipients but 
got stuck awaiting moderation due to my email;
use this one to reply please)

Indeed, that's absolutly true.

And that's why I personally have nothing against the core team decision 
about just about anything at this point;
they *are* the core team, and in the current stage of the FSFE a 
'democratic' org is *not* a Good Thing; as the
core team, and while I don't know all the ppl involved, I know some of 
them by they work, and that suffices.
The trust bestowed upon then by the FSF is also an explicit sign of both 
their competence and dedication to free

Of course, I would like to know why some decisions are made, and I may 
enquire on why they were made; but
in the end, if the core team doesn't say why it's because they have good 
reasons and ones that probably I'm unaware

I liked to logos that were vetoed BTW, and personally I also would like 
a few lines telling why (altough if one reads
the archives carefully one can probably get a hint).

I also like several of the logos that are left, but that's not the 
point. IMHO the core team is responsible for choosing
several things that will define the FSFE, and it's a very risky task... 
it's not exactly easy to have a sister organization
of the FSF without fearing making mistakes that could reflect badly on 
both European free software and the FSF herself.

That being said, and although I'm all in favour of discussion etc etc, 
the FSFE core team has every legitimacy to vetoe,
unvetoe, choose, unchoose, accept or reject; OTOH I would be very 
suspicious if decisions were made by 'democratic majority'
using the list members, and it could all end up badly.

Best Regards,


Frederico Muñoz
fsmunoz at sdf.lonestar.org

> On Wed, 09 May 2001 08:40:35 +0200
> josX <joshb at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> josX> 
> josX> > Dear friends of the FSFE,
> josX> > I have taken the task to tell you the latest news about=20
> josX> > how we hope to have a logo for the FSFE soon.
> josX> > There has been quite some discussion within the core team.
> josX> > We like to take the opportunity to again thank everybody who
> josX> > contributed to the effort. Every idea and draft was useful for us
> josX> > and needed so that we could make up our mind about coming up with a
> josX> > logo which is best for the the FSFE.
> josX> > Up to now a couple of logos have been ruled out so far by members of the
> josX> > core team who feel strongly about not choosing such a logo:
> josX> > 	- Anja's "GNU and Europe" is vetoed=20
> josX>                                   ^^^^^^^^^
> josX> > 		http://agnes.dida.physik.uni-essen.de/~anja/gnu/
> josX> > 	- The "GNU" logo (which was also temporarily used on
> josX> > 	fsfeurope.org) is vetoed
> josX>                        ^^^^^^^^^
> josX> <snp>
> josX> 
> josX> You are kidding, right ;-)!
> josX> 
> josX> You know what I think about you FSF-E?
> josX> You are here for the money, and for the power too.
> josX> 
> josX> Press release: ""this is the source for ```Authorative''' information
> josX> regarding free software in Europe?????"
> josX> The non-democratic core-team has spoken it's veto.... and GEE this is the
> josX> FIRST dicesion you ever make !!! so we can get used to your dominance
> josX> soon?
> josX> 
> josX> You are not hackers, you are not free software, you are a bunch of shrude
> josX> managers seeking to exploit free software. A big villa huh? with a nice
> josX> garden huh? expensive restaurant? .... I see you put your money where you
> josX> mouth is... /literaly/, not figuratively. Why don't you sell the villa to
> josX> generate funds so we can buy computers for the kernel-hackers? Why don't
> josX> you use that money to start printing free stickers to be given away 
> josX> wherever possible etc etc etc?
> josX> 
> josX> Don't think you can kid everyone.
> josX> 
> josX> Jos
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