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Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at intevation.de
Wed May 9 08:56:32 UTC 2001

An opinion is expressed (which is OK)
but also some wrong statement appear
(which is not OK).
Besides an inaccurate language is used
(which at least to my mind is not helpful
though funny in a certain view).

On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 08:40:35AM +0200, josX wrote:
> You know what I think about you FSF-E?
> You are here for the money, and for the power too.
> Press release: ""this is the source for ```Authorative''' information
> regarding free software in Europe?????"
> The non-democratic core-team has spoken it's veto.... and GEE this is the
> FIRST dicesion you ever make !!! so we can get used to your dominance
> soon?
> You are not hackers,
not true. I know that Werner is the author of gpg, Peter
is the author of gnu-pascal. These two and all others of the
fsfe I know have contributed lots of stuff to several
free software projects.

> you are not free software,
hm, can people be software?

> you are a bunch of shrude
> managers seeking to exploit free software. A big villa huh? with a nice
> garden huh? expensive restaurant? .... I see you put your money where you
> mouth is... /literaly/, not figuratively. Why don't you sell the villa to
> generate funds so we can buy computers for the kernel-hackers? Why don't
> you use that money to start printing free stickers to be given away 
> wherever possible etc etc etc?
I think Villa Vogelsand is not a property of the fsfe.
To my knowldge it is even not the property of any member
of the fsfe.

btw, unfortunately kernel hackers can't eat computers - they
need a job as well.

> Don't think you can kid everyone.

I don't think anyone is trying to kid here.
As far as I see, accrurate questions and discussion
have always been answered or argued accurately.


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