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josX joshb at xs4all.nl
Wed May 9 08:03:34 UTC 2001

> Your remark just made me think about that:
> As far as free software are concerned, we all know the legitimity 
> and leadership of people in the community come from the achievment done 
> in developping free software.
> Hilaire

There is no "leadership of people" here, go to your local company if you
can't think outside of hierarchies and power and money.

Interesting that you talk about "leadership of people" instead of "service 
to the community". More interesting than what you talk about are your

A very high quality Logo from Anja.... very nice indeed.... into the
 garbage-bin. Reason? veto *no comment*
Coming together in a big villa for christ sake...
Being non-democratic, and I might even say anti-democratic.
The first decicion was a veto without eplanation, execpt that it was
 "felt in the core-team" *no comment*
Positioning yourself on-top of the heap, instead of generating services
 to the community, you start communicating to the press as if you represent

Well, you only represent yourself.


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