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Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Tue May 8 22:45:11 UTC 2001

Dear friends of the FSFE,

I have taken the task to tell you the latest news about 
how we hope to have a logo for the FSFE soon.

There has been quite some discussion within the core team.
We like to take the opportunity to again thank everybody who
contributed to the effort. Every idea and draft was useful for us
and needed so that we could make up our mind about coming up with a
logo which is best for the the FSFE.

Up to now a couple of logos have been ruled out so far by members of the
core team who feel strongly about not choosing such a logo:

	- Anja's "GNU and Europe" is vetoed 

	- The "GNU" logo (which was also temporarily used on
	fsfeurope.org) is vetoed
		 http://fsfeurope.org/images/gnulogo.jpg is vetoed

There are two main location where logo drafts still in discussion
are collected:


What will happen next:
As we have been without a logo for a time to long and had not many more
ideas or drafts coming, we will now go for a stricter schedule.

	In the next week, everybody will have the last chance to come up
	with more drafts with open discussion.

	We will have another three days of discussion without new
	drafts to be accepted.

	The core team will decide which logo to elaborate for final use.
	(Note that this might include hiring a designer for a small fee.)


FSF Europe                                            	  (fsfeurope.org)
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