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Sat May 5 09:30:19 UTC 2001

On Sat, 05 May 2001 11:13:31 +0200
Stefan Meretz <stefan.meretz at> wrote:
Stefan> > No, making money is a good motivation to do things. When we say making money with
Stefan> > free software we then encourage people to make free software.
Stefan> Completely disagree. Please read
Stefan> "Creativity and intrinsic interest diminish if task is done for gain"

I know this article. But instead I was thinking about the people that write code for a living.
I remember someone post a message on that topic before, that if he had the choice, he
will prefer writing free code for a living. So let's say to people that they can make money
writing free software instead of proprietary ones.

Stefan> > Telling so has also the advantage of breaking down the misconsception about free software: the
Stefan> > point is not to be gratis but to be free (libre in french).
Stefan> I didn't talk about free software being "gratis". I talk about the first goals:
Stefan> freedom or money.

I know you did'nt :-) This was intend for the people out there, knowing little about
free software.

Stefan> > About telling that to journalist, I think it is important as well, so they will dig a bit more
Stefan> > in their reflexion about free software, they can not say easily free software is gratis when
Stefan> > we tell them we can make good money from it otherwise they will look like idiot.
Stefan> No, they think, there is no difference to ESR, and they are right.

Oh! So they improve their knowledge a bit then :-) 
However I have some doubt this is the case.


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