press release critique

MJ Ray markj at
Thu May 3 11:26:38 UTC 2001

Stefan Meretz <stefan.meretz at> writes:

> The point is not whether those tricks base on artificial restraints
> or not. The point is how to deal with scarcity? Software is always
> scarce (especially good one).

No, software is never scarce, but the skills to create it and many of
the associated products are, so naturally they have a price to their
consumers.  Again, I see no contradiction.

> But what does your defense mean??? Do you support ESR's trial to
> extend a-logic into the field of free software? I am confused.

No, but I say that his options basically break down into either
artificial restraints on Freedom (ie non-Free software) or selling
associated items which are naturally scarce.  Neither of these extend
your a-logic into Free Software.

Maybe I'm mad, but I've never really seen a contradiction between Free
Software and natural market economics.  The problems with software
seem to be largely caused by the artificial restraints and the
monopolistic positions it requires.  I'm always slightly amazed that
these activities are enshrined in most laws.

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