Alessandro Rubini rubini at gnu.org
Thu May 3 10:39:53 UTC 2001


> I recently read an article (by Axel?) about this and the bottomline
> is that you are only responsible for damages caused by software you
> offered gratis if you deliberately caused this damage (e.g. by
> distributing trojans) - this is pretty obvious and the same thing
> as in 'real' life.  This is not the same as a warranty.

That's what my firend lawyer told me, some time ago. The "no warranty"
clause of the GPL is not problem, as it is "to the extent permitted
by applicable law".

For Italian law, like Werner suggests, you are liable if the damage you
cause to the user is deliberate. 

> Putting a software on a public FTP server is therefore no problem.


As for whether the GPL is legal (question raised by Joseph Dalcolmo),
my friend lawyer told me that in Italy it is. And when talking with
Andrea Monto (a lawyer supporting open source/free software) he never
told me licenses are a problem.


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