Josef Dalcolmo dalcolmo at vh-s.de
Thu May 3 10:22:30 UTC 2001

koch at fsfeurope.org said:
> I recently read an article (by Axel?) about this and the bottomline is
> that you are only responsible for damages caused by software you
> offered gratis if you deliberately caused this damage (e.g. by
> distributing trojans) - this is pretty obvious and the same thing as
> in 'real' life.  This is not the same as a warranty. 

I guess it would be nice to do some legal research in each European country, 
to see where the problems are, and compile a list. GPL is not the only license 
of question, but I would suggest starting with the GPL and checking if it is 
even legal in the European countries, and if not we should make efforts that 
it becomes legal.

Perhaps we can address some of the issues also on the EU level, thereby 
avoiding repetition.

Do we have any lawyers among us (I am not a lawyer)?

- Josef

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