press release critique

josX joshb at
Thu May 3 08:31:08 UTC 2001

> Hi!
<snip reasoning, with which I agree, but which leaves a dangerous hole for
 the money-makers to exploit I think (especially now they seem to have
 begun their offensive, which the reasoning and actions of the FSF were
 trying to prevent)>
> restriction other than keeping it in this legal state. That's the idea. And
> yes, we all would like to see a better world, where we can do what we want
> and where we don't have to pay for the beer at the pub around the corner.
> But that's not how the world works, at least not at the moment.
> Bye, Marc

So let's start changing that, it is not going to come from the government,
and it is not going to come from the corporations.... but it can come from
free(dom) software (at least in part), so let's do that!!

We won't win if we say "this is how the world workes", although that is true,
it cannot be an argument for how the world is going to be if we want change,
and I want change and I see you want it too :-))).

(btw, saw on discovery an interesting story about how `capitalism' grew
 in England due to canals and small enterprise on them.)


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