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Reinhard Müller reinhard.mueller at
Wed May 2 20:24:56 UTC 2001

josX wrote:
> Isn't it great to work for hours and then just put it on the
> web and let everybody enjoy it?!!!
> Maybe you can't earn your living with it... but, when was that
> the goal, the goal was having fun, not make a coal-mine out of
> it so we can live from it, devoid of the pleasure of making it
> and giving it away.

Sorry but I _have_to_ contradict here.
Take me as an example. As I didn't learn any proper profession I have to
earn my money by writing programs ;-)
Now, if it was immoral to earn money with writing free software, I would
have to write prop software to make a living. But if I can make a living
from free software, I won't support prop software at all. And I believe
very strongly that the latter is better for the free software movement.

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