press release critique

MJ Ray markj at
Wed May 2 22:07:40 UTC 2001

Peter Gerwinski <peter at> writes:

> According to German law, it you transfer a copy for a fee you
> _automatically_ provide warranty protection.

If that is what it says, then to my mind German law is broken and
should be fixed.  (I doubt this is in the Basic Law, so it should be
easy to fix.)  It seems somewhat anti-competitive to force companies
to buy the warranty services from the same place as they bought the
software.  Then again, other things about German business seem strange
to we Celto-anglo-saxons(?).

> So you can in fact be paid for the program - i.e. for transferring a
> copy with (implicit or explicit) warranty protection.

You are paid for the warranty services, which are scarce, rather than
the software.  Still no contradiction.

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