press release critique

MJ Ray markj at
Wed May 2 12:59:29 UTC 2001

Stefan Meretz <stefan.meretz at> writes:

> All these models base on making things (or services etc.) scarce. And
> scarcity and freedom are a contradiction.

A lot of those things are naturally scarce.  Models 9.1 (loss leader),
9.2 (widget frosting) and 9.5 (expiration) are artificial restraints,
though, and are not really based around Free software, merely Open

9.3 is on programmer performance, 9.4 on physical products, and 9.7 on
content performance, which are naturally scarce items.  There is no
need to artificially restrain the liberty of the code to create that

Therefore, having shown cases where scarcity and freedom co-exist and
allow non-zero valuations, I reject your assertion.

(I'm not sure how to classify 9.6 (sell the brand)... it's an
artificial restraint, but not on software.)

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