Anja's most recent logo "Gnu, Europa, and map" (was: Logo again.)

Luca Andreucci andrew at ANDREW.ORG
Fri Mar 30 10:33:46 UTC 2001

On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Bernhard Reiter wrote:

> > I also agree, and I do not see anything wrong with it.
> I explained two times what _is_ wrong with it.
> You have not really addressed my concerns.
> I still think that the logo has too much details and is not looking
> serious/professional enough.

I have said before that I like the logo very much. I have not changed my
mind, nonetheless I have to agree with Bernhard, at least to some degree.

The logo may actually have too much detail, especially the
background-mapped versions (but we see the map may be dropped, at some
cost). This is the first and most evident signal for a "lame" logo IMO.
But I think this is something that can (and should) be worked on without
spoiling its basic concepts.

About the serious/professional issue, that may be partly due to the first
observation, but I believe there are other concerns to be taken into

We often confuse graphics with art. A logo _must_ not be considered for
its "beauty", but for the directness with which it conveys the message it
was created to convey (though a beautiful logo is a nice plus IMO).

Said this, I believe that the logo we're talking about carries a strong
message of freedom, Europe, and classic culture -- that may not be as
serious/professional as the Nike swoosh, but may fit our purpose better.
Of course this is my opinion, but I really can't think about explaining on
_this_ list why I'd _rather_ care for freedom and culture than business
orientation as a message for FSFE.

(please see how rather != only, no flames pls.)

-- andrew

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