text based vs. graphical logos (was: Re: Logos - something entirely new)

Luca Andreucci andrew at ANDREW.ORG
Wed Mar 28 14:48:40 UTC 2001

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Georg Jakob wrote:

> > I don't agree with you. I cannot think of any company / organisation
> > logo that has text _only_. They all have at least shape and color.
> Well, some seven or eight years ago I've been involved with graphics and
> if I remember it right, a letter-only identifier for a organisation or
> company is called "signet", whereas a logo is *usually* a symbol, but
> *can* combine that with letters or text.
> But I might be wrong on that. Anyone got an exact definition? ;-) 

I have to agree. In Italian we have two separate words for that (even if I
see they are regularly mistaken one another): "marchio", as trademark, for
a composite image, and "logotipo" or "logo" as logotype or logo, to mean
some typefaced composition for the firm name. I'll take it the two
concepts necessarily blend.

At least this is what I've been told time ago (from one who should be

-- andrew

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