Anja's most recent logo "Gnu, Europa, and map" (was: Logo again.)

Peter Gerwinski peter at
Sun Mar 25 13:35:54 UTC 2001


Alessandro Rubini wrote:
> > I personally _really_ liked the abstract GNU + Europa line drawing
> > we had a while ago
> I agree. What's wrong with it?

I also agree, and I do not see anything wrong with it.

We are talking about Anja's variants of "Gnu, Europa, and map"
on her page

and specifically about the most recent variant:

In case you are not aware of it:

  * This is a draft. Anja promised to make high-quality vector
    versions of this logo, once she knows that she is not working
    for the recycler.

  * If you do not like the colors: Changing them is trivial.

  * When scaling the logo down to smaller sizes and resolutions,
    details can be left out:
     - First, the writing ("Omnis enim res ...") can be replaced by
       a single line.
     - Second, the shadow on the lines of the drawing can be removed.
     - Third, the map can be replaced by a solid color background.
     - Finally, the lines can become thicker.
    The logo remains recognizable.

Things I like in this logo:

  * It is "minimalistic" (just a few lines), creating the illusiion
    of much more details than it actually has. (For instance, the
    faces of the woman and the gnu are left to the reader's
    imagination.) For this reason and those sketched above, it
    scales down well to even very low resolutions.

  * It refers to Europe (princess Europa and a map) without the bad
    taste of the stars (EU).

  * It refers to the GNU project (a gnu).

  * It refers to the old European tradition of free information
    ("Omnis enim res ...").

  * As a graphical logo it avoids the problems with textual logos.
    (Which letters? Latin, greek, or cyrillic ones? Which language?
    What does the abbreviation mean at all? The latin text does not
    count as text here.;-)

  * In my view, it has a taste of freedom (riding). 

I definitely vote for this one.


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