DNS problems

Georg C. F. Greve greve at gnu.org
Mon Mar 26 16:21:06 UTC 2001

Hi everyone,

a few of you will have noticed that the FSF Europe mail host is
unreachable and your mail didn't reach team@ or discussion at .

When ID-PRO crumbled, I needed replacement fast. Derek Neighbors (GNU
Enterprise) offered to use the DNS servers at libertydistribution.com
and the zones have been hosted there for the past weeks. 

Now they are in a moving situation with redesign of structure and
such. Qwest (phone company) seriously screwed up and cut the
cable. Unfortunately this hit primary and secondary DNS, so all of the
domains hosted by me and also those by Derek (mainly gnue.org) are

The problem is know and people in the States are working on a
solution, but right now I can't really do anything about it. I'm


Georg C. F. Greve                                       <greve at gnu.org>
Free Software Foundation Europe	                 (http://fsfeurope.org)
Brave GNU World	                           (http://brave-gnu-world.org)
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