[EUFSF] Re: Logo again.

David Blane david at pigstick.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Mar 22 20:49:53 UTC 2001

> > [...]  As the stars are 
> > symbolically inextricably bound to the EU (whatever else they may 
> > be less strongly bound to), they ought to be rejected.
> The stars are inextricably linked to *Europe*.  Why should a
> pan-European campaign organisation pander to the misconceptions of
> EU-phobics?

If facts existed independently of perceptions, I would agree.  The 
swastika was a Buddhist symbol of peace, but you wouldn't use 
one while writing off the dissenters' objections as misconceived.  
Logos are part of marketing, and marketing is about minds, not 

I'm a fervent Europhile and the stars are a bad idea, for the reasons 
I gave of perceived exclusion of non-EU Europeans.  FSFE should 
obviously remain politically neutral (aside from its own stated aims) 
and should also be *seen* to remain politically neutral.  If even 1 in 
10 think the FSFE excludes them because of the logo, why risk it? 
Or is FSFE only for the EU?  I can see reasons why that would 
make sense.  But, personally, I wouldn't back it.

(Georg, your mum's pictures are very elegant, but to me they say 
"budget airline.")

[My tuppence: have an ascii art flaming pile of sheep and be done 
with it.]

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