Logo again.

josX joshb at xs4all.nl
Thu Mar 22 09:51:25 UTC 2001

E L Tonkin <py7elt at bath.ac.uk> wrote:
> So maybe the best thing to do [read: least
> controversial] is simply to pick another obsecure
> animal and trust that just about everybody
> is going to get to know what the FSFE logo is
> pretty soon anyway. After all, they accepted
> the GNU logo and the symbolism of that is not
> in the least obvious. Or indeed one might go
> for a different sort of gnu. Or preferably some
> creature with optional bright colours such that
> you can happily stick it on a T-shirt. A puffin,
> for example... something geeks would want to
> wear. Nice, bright, simple, easy to draw... ;-)
*couldn't agree more*

Ok, here some idea's:
O, yes: if an complicated Logo is chosen, it will attract
complicated people, the same for funny Logo, creative Logo,
happy Logo, abstract Logo and so on...
So you can also take the queston "what kind of people do we
want to attract", and create a Logo accordingly.

Animal:				`emotional'-connection FSFE:

Gnu (wildebeast)		stubborn? (looks kinda st. to me...)
Linux-Penguin			happy, no problems (this is all extremely
				personal, but anyway...)
Blue background, yellow stars	dunno ;-)
flame				I think this might associate with `going
				beond', idealism in a construcive way (??).
Europa on Gnu-back with map	Gives me a spring-feeling personnaly.
Worm				hmmm
dog				loyal, good friend etc.
cat				...

Fish, birds, mammol (cat, dog/wolf, grass-eaters, bears, ...), insects
(lots of them...), reptilian, non-vertibrans, (plants?, minerals?, fiction?).

What about a brick, just plain and simple.

Jos Boersema

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