Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Wed Mar 21 09:23:13 UTC 2001

Hi Friends of Free Software,

as computer aware people you will know that 
the biggest fair of the world (at least this is what they claim)
CeBIT is opening up the doors for the public tomorrow.

Of course a lot of people will be there.
The LinuxTag is organising a little conference on Saturday
where Georg will speak about the FSFE.

This mail is just to let you know that I will attend on Thursday
and Friday in misson for my company.
(I know that Peter will be there on Monday and Tuesday.)

If somebody is interested in meeting me personally,
you can mail me your mobile number or possible position today 
and there is a chance that I drop by or can arrange something.

I will not have a permanent e-mail connection.

Professional Service around Free Software                (  
The FreeGIS Project                                         (
Association for a Free Informational Infrastructure            (
FSF Europe                                            	  (
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