[EUFSF] Re: Logo again.

Pim van Riezen pi at vuurwerk.nl
Tue Mar 20 10:00:37 UTC 2001

On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, David Westlund wrote:

> The flag it not the best symbol for Europe.
> > It's only that people think of the Union first when they see the
> > flag - but that's true with the name "Europe" too.
> Yes. Exactly. And here in Sweden, 50% of the people accosiates the flag
> with something they don't like. The same goes for Norway.

If Sweden and Norway associate "Europe" with "European Union" with "The
Downfall of All that is Good", then no matter what logo you choose, they
will associate EUFSF with "Europe" and hence the rest. As a European
organization, we are associated with Europe. If people don't like that,
they need to freshen up their minds about their continent as well as their
software licenses.


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