Logo again.

David Westlund daw at wlug.westbo.se
Tue Mar 20 06:27:44 UTC 2001

> >> The best symbol for Europe *is* the ring of 12 stars, which is
> >> used in the flag adopted by both the European Union and the
> >> Council of Europe, of which all 41 European states are a member.
> > No it isn't.
> What "isn't"?

The flag it not the best symbol for Europe.

> * The flag is not a symbol of the Council of Europe? That's wrong.
> * The Council of Europe does not have 41 member states? That's
>   wrong too, it does.
> It's only that people think of the Union first when they see the  
> flag - but that's true with the name "Europe" too.

Yes. Exactly. And here in Sweden, 50% of the people accosiates the flag
with something they don't like. The same goes for Norway.

David Westlund

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