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Mon Mar 19 23:39:00 UTC 2001

David Westlund <daw at wlug.westbo.se> schrieb/wrote:
>> The best symbol for Europe *is* the ring of 12 stars, which is
>> used in the flag adopted by both the European Union and the
>> Council of Europe, of which all 41 European states are a member.

> No it isn't.

What "isn't"?

* The flag is not a symbol of the Council of Europe? That's wrong.

* The Council of Europe does not have 41 member states? That's
  wrong too, it does.

* These 41 states are not virtually all European countries? Then
  name one European country that isn't.[1]

> There are many countries that is a part of Europe, that isn't
> a member of EU.

The Council of Europe is not the EU but a much larger (and a bit  
older) international organisation. The flag in question is the  
flag of the Council of Europe too (and had been *before* the EU  
also adopted the flag) and also symblizes the *European* *Idea*,  
which includes *all* of Europe - even states that are not a member  
state of the Council.

It's only that people think of the Union first when they see the  
flag - but that's true with the name "Europe" too.

[1] OK, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Fed.Rep. of Yugoslawia are only  
Special Guests, the Holy See is only observer, and Monaco,  
Belarus, and some small dependent areas are missing.

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