Logo again.

josX joshb at xs4all.nl
Mon Mar 19 12:30:26 UTC 2001

[echo to list]
>> >I think the requirements mentioned there are still unmet.
>> >| We need a logo which can be understood in max. 100x100 pixel _on
>> >| screen_.  It would be a huge advantage to even have it smaller or
>> >| have a small version with even less details.
>> >| we need simpler drafts or a generally different
>> >| directions for our ideas.
>> Hi,
>> To show good will, here a sketch of the sketchy kind:
>> The idea is a bird/peace-dove/phoenix flying upward, highlighted by
>> a leaking flame. It is not done properly, just an idea...
>> http://www.xs4all.nl/~joshb/bird.jpg
>> Greetz
>> Jos Boersema
>we need a lot more guys of your kind. :)
>Can you post it to the discussion list, too?

Com'on guys, LETS ROCK!

*wanted to post to list, but posted to sender (twice ;-) ); corrected now*

Maybe there will be a little diamond between the `hmmm, lets-search-some-more'
drawings...%[startx;]gimp :-)

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