forwarding of e-mails not illegal after all... (fwd)

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Fri Mar 9 14:29:54 UTC 2001

>> must carry a stamp of approval by the authorities (against
>> copyright infringments)

> I almost can't believe that software products require approval by authorities
> to be put on the market.

It's not a stamp of approval. It's something you buy (and it costs you
a few hours at least, hours you must re-spend for every different
program you have).

It's not to put it on the market. It's to use for "revenue
purposes". My own software tools I use to accomplish my work must be
stamped even if I'm using them in my house.

See the siae.html published by for more information
(available in Italian and English (in slightly reduced form))

/alessandro, who's acting against the law like any software author in Italy.

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