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 || On Fri, 9 Mar 2001 14:19:36 +0100 (MET)
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 pw> Patrice came up with a worrying thing that is especially
 pw> interesting to fsfeurope:

 pw> From: Patrice Riemens <patrice at>

 pw> The new Italian law, whereby each and every piece of soft and
 pw> hardware used for commercial purpose (i.e. pretty much any,
 pw> including public space, even when non-profit - ascii cafe, pay
 pw> attention!) must carry a stamp of approval by the authorities
 pw> (against copyright infringments) which is so complicated &
 pw> expensive to obtain that only very big firms (think of one) can
 pw> manage to do so, is another nice example. 
 pw> ...

 pw> (Full story in nettime - Or is it's again a piece of 'monkey
 pw> sandwich'- Dutch for urban myth - peddled by afficionados of
 pw> conspiracy theories?)

This sounds like you are talking about the SIAE law. Please check out 

there you will find a good analysis about this by Alessandro.


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