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Georg C. F. Greve greve at
Fri Mar 9 11:24:14 UTC 2001

Hi everyone,

since we promised to inform you about the status of the FSF Europe
early March, here is the update. We would have liked to be able to say
that the founding is complete, but there are still two things to be
done before we can do this final step:

 a.) the constitution is in the final proofreading phase right now and
     we are waiting for the English translation - this is something we
     have little control over, so we can just wait and hope. We will
     put it online once we have it.

 b.) the German tax authorities need to give their initial okay on the
     charitable status before we can found. Otherwise we risk having
     to change the constitution immediately - which would cost us much
     more energy and time than doing it now.

Once these two are resolved, the founding should only take about a
week to perform (some things need to be sent around).

As this step is almost completely prepared and things are under
control, we are preparing what to do next. 

Among these things is the plan to make a trip south in the first or
second week in April. I'm planning to visit Austria and Italy, for
sure, but there might be others I should meet.

If you think I should meet with someone/you, please tell me 

 a.) when a meeting would be possible, 
 b.) where we could meet and 
 c.) whether you can offer accomodation for the night.

		Georg Greve

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