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Georg C. F. Greve greve at
Thu Mar 1 13:45:01 UTC 2001

Hi Everyone!

The web-page of the FSF Europe has been non-existant for longer than
we would have liked and the time has come to change this.

The plan is to first create some minimal page that will contain
up-to-date information and a link to the mailing lists to replace the
page that is up now.

Then we would like to discuss the layout and structure of the web-page
with the people who will be doing it. We want the FSF Europe web-site
to set a good example for others, so we will stick to the basic rules
and also think about usability design.

If you want to be involved in the FSF Europe web page, we suggest you
get yourself an account on Savannah at

and tell us that you want to help and your savannah login at
team at We can then give you CVS access to the webpage.

As the website will not just have to be built but also maintained
later, we are looking for a team of people who feel they are willing
to contribute for a while.

Your immediate task will then be to create a minimal FSFE page before
we start the discussion about how the real page should look.

                Georg Greve
                on behalf of the FSF Europe core team

Georg C. F. Greve                                       <greve at>
Free Software Foundation Europe	             (
Brave GNU World	                           (
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