looking for Finnish free software people

Tuomas Pellonpera tp58494 at uta.fi
Sat Jun 30 11:50:19 UTC 2001


I would like to get into contact with "free software-minded" Finnish
people. To further the idea and message of free software and the GNU
Project, it might be a useful idea to try to set up fsfe-finland at gnu.org
list and, if we could get enough people with us, to set up FSF Europe -
Chapter Finland.

Also, I would be willing to translate some essential GNU articles into
Finnish (the only way I can contribute at the moment), such as free
software definition, "Why software should not have owners" and "Why
'GNU/Linux'?" and "Linux and the GNU Project."

Any Finnish people interested? :)

Best wishes,
Tuomas Pellonperä
tp58494 at uta.fi

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