Simple idea: 100% GNU boxes

Kim Bruning (seperate for lists) kim2 at
Sat Jun 30 10:24:06 UTC 2001

Around now, it should be possible to build a (couple of) 100% purely free
(if not 100% pure GNU)  boxes someplace, and use it (them) for
This would be really useful "Now, here is a machine which proves that it
is indeed posible to have 100% freedom on the desktop".

Probably there are people who are already doing this, so this post will be
moot. But to provide people who are doing this with extra ammo:

a. It'll run on a desktop, which will get people to stare and ooh and ahh
about it.

b. You can sell some, to sort of counteract MS FUD about it being
unsellable to some extent. (and earn the FSF some money)

c. You could paint it *black* and stencil nice gnus in white on it. ;-P

d. Absolutely essential for at shows. :) 

e. Umm, and most important of all. It'd be FUN.

Anyone with Some Spare Pocket Change (c) can do this. Maybe I'll save up
some cash over a couple of months, and do one myself, who knows. :-)

Obviously such a machine would aim to score a perfect 100% on the GNU
purity test. (As suggested in earlier threads). Include the GNU hurd, GNU
libs, GNU tools. You know.... *GNU*.

Note that some stuff (like X11 and browsers and so) are not actually gnu
licenced, though there are free software versions out there. Should one
make a point out of this?

hopefully this is useful for something,
	read you soon,
		Kim Bruning

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