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Fri Jun 29 17:43:09 UTC 2001

We volunteer to do that work (us being I and linux developer friends).
We have several months' free time due to a semester break and high


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On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, Richard Stallman wrote:

>     >> I think RMS offered a nice idea when he was in China last May, i.e.
>     >> make a list or table list all the so-called "Linux" distributions,
>     >> and index the distances of them to our pure GNU/Linux by marks,
>     >> and publish the indexing result on
>     >
>     >Yes, that would be a really good idea!
>     if all of us in the mailing list like this idea, then we need to draft a 
>     set of criteria to evalute the freedom degrees of the distributions. 
> I've already worked out some criteria.  The question is, do we have
> someone here who wants to look at the distributions and collect the
> information?  If someone wants to do this, then I can show you the
> criteria I had in mind, and maybe others can make useful suggestions.
> However, if there is no one here who wants to do the work, discussing
> the criteria now would not lead anywhere, so we may as well do other
> things instead.
> I see no need to even try to review 188 distributions.
> We should aim to review Debian, the major commercial distributions,
> and any noncommercial distributions that we have a reason to want
> to recommend.
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