taxes on (potentially fostering piracy) CD burners

Stefano Maffulli stefano.maffulli at
Fri Jun 29 07:53:28 UTC 2001

This is one of the headlines that makes me spill the coffee on the keyboard 
(I almost trashed the laptop, should be more careful).
The Stuttgart district court ruled that Hewlett Packard would have to pay a 
fee on every CD burner it sells in Germany, arguing that the technology was 
being used to lift music off the internet in contravention of artists' 
Germany's powerful copyright lobby welcomed the judgement. 
In theory, GEMA would like to claim copyright fees from manufacturers of 
computer printers, high-speed modems and even hard drives. 

As the article implies, this case could set a precedent also for other 
European countries .... brrrrr chills. What will be next? Prevent crime 
putting all citizen in jail periodically as "prevention"? Giving a fine to 
every car-driver each day because s/he could park in no-parking zone?
Could be a Simpsons episode, but it's not :(

I better go clean this keyboard, it's sticky :-)

See ya

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