Change for Caldera OpenLinux Workstation

Lars Weber me at
Thu Jun 28 23:35:06 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Lutz" == Lutz Horn <lh at> writes:

  >> What might be better is a simple webpage with distributions
  >> categorized by the following criteria:
  >> a) Consists entirely of Free Software
  >> b) Free-Software-only version is available
  >> c) Can be turned into Free-Software-only without too much of a
  >> hassle
  >> d) Difficult or impossible to use without non-free software

  Lutz> This should include the way updates for packages are provided and
  Lutz> which tools are needed to add them to the system. As far as I know
  Lutz> even SuSE uses RPM these days put adding updated RPMs to the
  Lutz> system _not_ using yast could be a little bit of a problem.

Maybe better classifications would be:

  c) Includes non-free packages that can be easily removed


  d) Uses non-free software as an integral part of the distribution itself


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