hypothetical(?) GPL problem

John Tapsell tapselj0 at cs.man.ac.uk
Thu Jun 28 16:13:56 UTC 2001

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, you wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 01:06:54PM +0100 or thereabouts, Jeff Davies wrote:
> > [..] There are examples of companies 
> > publishing GPL code and succeeding., but the success or failure of these 
> > companies is irrelevant. 
> I disagree.
> It is one of the goals of the Free Software Foundation to show that
> companies can build a working business model based upon Free Software.
> The success of companies who make money out of GPL'ed software is a
> proof to other companies that it can be done.
Hmm, and I disagree with you. That OS's task I thought.
To sum them up, imagine free software sucked in every possible way, and the
only thing good about it was that it was free.  In this case, FSF would still
exist in the same (tho smaller probably heh), and OS wouldn't.

I think among us (or just me) we are getting mixed up on our own aims..

> > In other words, I think FSF europe should concentrate on protecting freedom, 
> > talking about individual attacks by companies is pointless. 
> I think that we have to point out such "individual attacks" to the
> general public, and that this is indeed a *very* important point. Many
> people go buy a Linux distribution without ever thinking about the
> ideals and ideas of Free Software (which leads us to the Caldera
> thread....) I do not consider the SuSE model to be any better than 
> Caldera's just because they do not have this pay-per-workstation 
> approach; but fortunately the Caldera issue is more likely to 
> be publicly discussed (because of the inconveniences for all users, 
> no matter if they are concerned about freedom or not.) It is 
> now up to us to point out that what they did/do is not bad because of 
> the monetary aspects but because of the *freedom* aspects.
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