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Marc Eberhard m.a.eberhard at
Thu Jun 28 09:26:04 UTC 2001

Hi Frederic!

On Fri, Jun 29, 2001 at 12:58:27AM +0800, Hong Feng wrote:
> if all of us in the mailing list like this idea, then we need to draft a 
> set of criteria to evalute the freedom degrees of the distributions. 
> Any comments on the criteria are welcome to send me to collect.

- Basic and most important freedoms: 

  - Can the distribution be copied and passed on to someone else?

  - Can it be used on different computers at the same time?

  - Does it include the full source code for all necessary components
    for a minimal system installation?

  - Is that source code covered by a free software licence?

- For finer distinctions for similar distributions:

  - Which percentage of the packages/programs/disk space consists of free

  - How essential are non-free packages for the normal use of the system
    in the distribution?

  - What is included in the "default system setup" of the distribution?

Hmmm, there are probably many more things to be considered here!


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