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	I'm a member of the GNU project ( and vice 
president of the FSF Europe (

	Your drawing gave me some ideas I'd like to share with you.
If the overall drawing was centered on the Free Software / proprietary
software war, I think it would gain. Let's say the center (what is
to be conquered) is poprietary software and the borders surrounding it
are the Free Software conquerors. Microsoft would be the largest part
in the center and other companies doing proprietary software would be
closer to the border. Some of them (such as Sun with Open Office) could
be marked as invaded by Free Software, while strugling against free 
software on other fronts (IBM for instance investing in GNU/Linux and
promoting Software patents at the same time).

	Free Software arrows are blue, proprietary software arrows are
red. There could also be background colors for proprietary territories
(yellow for instance) and free software territories (green for
instance).  That would allow to show that some proprietary territories
are installed in the Free Software territories (Oracle running on
GNU/Linux) and vice versa (FreeBSD servers runned by Microsoft). That
would also allow to show that the Open Source county installed itself
in the Free Software land, granting lands to proprietary software.
The GNU county would be free of such invasion. The Debian county would
be close to the GNU county but with a proprietary software ambassy
(the non-free section of debian). The Suse county would be close to
Open Source and also have a foot in the proprietary land (they are
writing proprietary software).

	Thanks for this entertaining drawing :-)

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