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Mon Jun 25 23:00:39 UTC 2001

Hi everybody,

    I think that this has been discussed in this forum before, but we
didn't really get anywhere, so I'd like to bring up the issue once

I think it would be a good idea to have newsgroups for the various 
FSFE chapters, as well as a "general" FSFE newsgroup. I would suggest
setting up a hierarchy under gnu.*, such as


What do you think about this idea? It seems to be better than having
local newsgroups, such as at.fsf, de.fsf and so on (though it doesn't
mean that those may not co-exist).

I have inofficially asked the responsible people at the FSF; they
approve of the idea. (We would have to find somebody with the required
knowledge about Usenet to manage everything, though, since there is
nobody really in charge of the gnu.* newsgroups at the time being).

<quote src="Bradley M. Kuhn, FSF Vice President">
kk> Since you do not in general disapprove of the idea of extending the
kk> gnu.* hierarchy, I will suggest the idea to the FSFE mailing list.

No, it sounds like a wonderful idea. 

But, we really need to get the whole gnu.* going again, so if you find
someone to do the FSFE parts of it, it'd be good if we could do the
whole thing. 

Okay, so this leaves us with three open questions:

(1) Do we want an FSFE newsgroup hierarchy? If yes,
(2) Do we want to put it under gnu.fsf.*? And 
(3) Is there anybody who would be willing and able to manage that? 
    (I personally really don't have a clue about Usenet...)

Best regards,                                gpg - public key 0x1FE281EB
    Karin "kyrah" Kosina                      
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