Meeting in Belgium?

Henrion Benjamin bh at
Mon Jun 25 11:22:44 UTC 2001


I've subscribed to the mailing-list for a while, and I'm following the
discussions about the formation of FSFEurope.

I've posted a message about the possibility to have a chapter in Belgium
(because many people think that free software in not well represented in
Belgium - in terms of market, or sensibilisation of our politics) and
I've put a link to the project of our association (still not working), who has the same objectives that FSF (promote free

Our LUG will organise a meeting with people interested in the OpenBe
project at the end of July (28 or 29 of July), with a presentations of
free software made by Belgian developpers (4 or 5 projects).

It could be great the organise a second FSF meeting so that the two
organisations can talk and build future projects.

So, I'm waiting for your comments, I know that it's already in one month
but it's maybe enough to organise something.

Henrion Benjamin
LLN LUG co-founder
Eurolinux Member

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