hypothetical(?) GPL problem

David dbFSF at pigstick.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Jun 20 19:14:19 UTC 2001

> RMS gave a lecture at the African Freesoftware Movement 
meeting at Witts University recently.
> He was at pains to erase the idea that it is unprofitable to write 
> We need to show the business advantages of
> 1/using an entirely free software system
> 2/writing and supporting freesoftware.
> Mixing free and proprietary software was only an opening gambit
> to allow people to use freesoftware before a complete system 
was available.
> Nick Hockings

I disagree.  Personally, I strongly suspect that Microsoft are right 
when they say free software is commercial suicide (in the current 
economy).  Others say it isn't.  The point is that either position 
seems based on a lot of tenuous logic, at least so far, and being 
dragged into that debate when we can talk far more truthfully about 
the direct human benefits of free software can only dilute the public 
perception of those truths.  Let the Open Source people spend 
their time finding statistics in their favour.


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