DMCA is now a European Directive

Karin Kosina kyrah at
Wed Jun 20 08:31:14 UTC 2001


> In particular Article 6.2:
> "Member States shall provide adequate legal protection against the manufacture,
>  import, distribution, sale, rental, advertisement for sale or rental, or 
>  possession for commercial purposes of devices, products or components or the 
>  provision of services which: 
> [...]
I totally missed that (I probably shouldn't try to understand EU docs
after 0:00h). I guess you are right to expect some trouble from that

> I don't want to copy the movies, just to watch them in my operating system of 
> choice using only free software. I have the right to use only free software.
It seem that the industry wants you not to have that right, but force
you to use only the software they approve (the "original" one, I don't
know much about DVD).

> I think we should lobby the governments in member countries to make some kind
> of explicit exception to free software when they are writing the national law
> to comply with this Directive.
How much freedom do the member countries have in implementing EU
Directives? Doesn't it have to be a pretty literal copy? (I really don't

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