brainstorming: which formats to use and which to avoid

David Mentre David.Mentre at
Tue Jun 12 11:19:31 UTC 2001

Odile Bénassy <obenassy at> writes:

> David Mentre a écrit :
> > Two categories (Good and Bad, White and Black) is much easier for people
> > to understand.
> > 
> ok then you can join the Open Source Movement, since their principles
> are much easier to understand !

Ok, so I should detail a little:

 - one objective to only use two categories is to incitate formats being
   on the Bad Side(tm) to evolve in order to be on the Good Side(tm).
   This is exactly what happened for the products on the Greenpeace
   "with GMO or doubtful" (i.e. black) list. And that is indeed our long
   term goal: promote a world where at least all exchange formats are
   open and free.

 - education purpose: sometimes you need to introduce a simplified
   concept to get a rough idea before getting to the details.  As far as
   I have understood, this is the purpose on those lists, i.e. to make a
   poster.  It does not mean that you should not provide further
   explanations and details on a web site.

That's said, I do nothing. So I let people really working on this
project decide for me. :)

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