brainstorming: which formats to use and which to avoid

Andrea Brugiolo nick at
Tue Jun 12 08:13:16 UTC 2001

	After lurking and listening... I have to say:

On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 09:59:28AM +0200, David Mentre wrote:
> I think it is better to have only two categories: 
>  - "free (should be used, if possible)"
>  - others: not recommended, non free, etc.
> Two categories (Good and Bad, White and Black) is much easier for people
> to understand.
> Others have adopted the same approach. For example Greepeace has made a
> list of products containing genetically modified organisms. They started
> with a 3 categories (no gmo, doubt, gmo) and thay have nowadays only 2
> categories (no gmo, [doubt & gmo]).

	Right, good... I agree with David.


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