brainstorming: which formats to use and which to avoid

David Mentre David.Mentre at
Tue Jun 12 07:59:28 UTC 2001

Marc Eberhard <m.a.eberhard at> writes:

> I fully agree with that. What about...
> - free (should be used, if possible)
> - not recommended/questionable (should be avoided, if possible)
> - non-free (and this implies non-documented, because we should treat the
>             documentation as part of the format)

I think it is better to have only two categories: 

 - "free (should be used, if possible)"

 - others: not recommended, non free, etc.

Two categories (Good and Bad, White and Black) is much easier for people
to understand.

Others have adopted the same approach. For example Greepeace has made a
list of products containing genetically modified organisms. They started
with a 3 categories (no gmo, doubt, gmo) and thay have nowadays only 2
categories (no gmo, [doubt & gmo]).

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