brainstorming: which formats to use and which to avoid

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Mon Jun 11 18:49:32 UTC 2001

It sounds like there is far too much to fit on a single poster, 
(and a lot of things to be checked up).

I think we should make a SHORT LIST of:
# the non-free standards we most want people to avoid, and
# the free standards we would like people to use instead.

For each free standard we should say how to use it,
For each non-free a standard we should cite the bigest problem(s).

Non-free would include both proprietary and encumbered standards

The poster should explain "the concept of a free standard",
and why it is so important.

We should refer people to a WEB SITE for:
      1/ detailed information on free standards
      2/ a comprehensive critique of non-free standards.

The critique can classify the non-free into proprietary vs encumbered,
but I think this would obscure the message if it were on the poster.
Our aim is freesoftware, not compromised software.

NB. One complication is which countries legal systems accept the cliams of the patent holders.
If the EU can be persuaded to reject e-patents then the picture in Europe 
could be very different from the US.

Nick Hockings

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