Economic Arguments for Free Software

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Wed Jun 6 16:57:31 UTC 2001

Just read the following article,
which indeed is interesting.

I do not completly agree with some conclusion 
and the article lacks some discussion about how freedom itself
is valuable to economics.

However Prasad counter argues accuses 
which are made against the commercial Free Sofware world,
coming from business minded people.
He shows that society (including other business-branches) 
does not have to follow the cries of mercantile 
software vendors to secure their high profits through copyright
from an angle of ecnomic theory.

Therefor we can find some arguments and nice analogies in there
to fight common mistakes about an economy of software has to work.


Open Source-onomics: 
Examining some pseudo-economic arguments about Open Source
By Ganesh Prasad <sashi at>
Posted: ( 2001-05-29 06:24:16 EST by )

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