FOR SALE: black and white T-Shirts, pins

Peter Gerwinski peter at
Mon Jun 4 22:34:15 UTC 2001


I wrote:
> Current plan:
>   * 500-1000 white T-shirts. [...]

I changed this to 250 black and 250 white T-shirts.
Anja is just working on the final graphics.

>   * 1000 Pins with "A Gnu Head", 20-25mm diameter.

Will do.

>   * Cotton bags, natural color, "Gnu and Europa" on one side,
>     combined with some text and the official FSFE logo.
>   * Badges (buttons). 3cm or 6cm diameter.
>     Can we sell them? For what price?

No cotton bags, no badges. We would have to sell them for at least
3 Euro each, which does not make sense, IMHO.

Most certainly we will have the pins and T-shirts in time for
Libre Software Meeting and Linux-Tag in July. :-)

Also I have the prices now:

    T-shirt (both colours, all sizes from S to XXL):
    15 Euro, including 5 Euro donation to the FSFE

    Pin "A Gnu Head":
    1.50 Euro, including 0.25 Euro donation to the FSFE

(VAT included.)

My company G-N-U GmbH will handle the orders, so you can order
T-shirts and pins by writing an email to

    bestellung at

When ordering T-shirts, please specify sizes and colours (black or white).

Shipping costs are

  * 3.07 Euro for small orders (e.g. up to 20 pins) inside Germany

  * 5.11 Euro for small orders inside Europe

  * 10.23 Euro for small orders outside Europe

  * 6.65 Euro for bigger orders (e.g. up to 5 T-shirts) inside Germany

  * 16.11 Euro for bigger orders inside Europe

"Europe" in this context essentially means the geographical Europe,
but without Norge, Turkey and Russia.

For everything else or when in doubt, please ask <bestellung at>.

You can pay

  * by cash in advance to G-N-U GmbH, Antonienallee 1, 45179 Essen,
    Germany, account number 300 1083 at National-Bank Essen,
    BLZ 360 200 30 (Beware: In international money transfer, banks
    sometimes charge over 7 Euro from both the sender and the
    recipient! Money orders (e.g. Western Union) are usually
    cheaper. In any case, please make sure that the correct amount
    reaches us.), or

  * by cash on delivery (only inside the EU; current fees are
    3.32 Euro inside Germany or 6.14 Euro elsewhere), or

  * by cheque, payable to G-N-U GmbH, Antonienallee 1, 45279 Essen,
    Germany (only inside Germany).

You have my personal guarantee that G-N-U GmbH will transfer the
profit (5 Euro per T-shirt, 0.25 Euro per pin) as a donation to
the FSFE.

(BTW, the name "G-N-U GmbH" stands for "GNU-Nutzer-Unterst├╝tzung"
which means "GNU user support".:-)

Please help us to reduce the shipping costs and the work load by
making collective orders. Specialized resellers may have cheaper
ways to do shipping and handling than we have; please point them
to <bestellung at> if you have contacts.

It's on the way ... :-)


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